Friday, February 29, 2008

Tyson and Holyfield in talks over rematch

Evander Holyfield has raised the prospect of a rematch of his infamous world heavyweight title fight with Mike Tyson despite both men being into their 40s.

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Wow. I don't know if I have any other word to describe this. This will be a train wreck. It really is a shame what happened to Tyson....the man could've been an all time great. Killed the sport too as Boxing hasn't been relevant since and with the rise of MMA never will.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Minaya decided against adding McNamee to staff in '07

Brian McNamee, the former strength trainer for Roger Clemens and a primary figure in Major League Baseball's doping scandal, was close to becoming a member of the Mets' coaching staff last season, according to the New York Post.

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Kudos to Omar. Boy were we close to having the Mets be the "face of steroids" in NY rather then the Yankees.

Texas university giving freshmen iPhones and iPod touches

ACU began exploring uses for mobile devices in the summer of 2007 and ran a pilot study with faculty and and educational technology developers to determine how the iPhone could be used by students. The group came up with quite a few uses for the devices, devising more than 15 iPhone applications that they hoped will be useful to students.

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What a ploy to recruit more students.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg needs a better staff

Generally I don't have much of a problem with celebrity sports fans. A lot of people have a problem with celebrities sitting court side I usually don't. They've made their money and can spend it in any way as long as they are not hurting anyone. What I do have a problem with is bandwagon sports fans who know absolutely nothing. Whoopi Goldberg who I am a fan of was one of the speakers at the Giants Super Bowl parade. About a week later on The View she had no idea that David Tyree and not Amani Toomer was the one who made "the play."


Bring your WiFi enabled DESKTOP to Starbucks

Ever brought in a Wifi enabled desktop someplace that offers free wifi?

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Brilliant. You knew something like this would happen sooner or later.

2008 Rutgers Football schedule

Hopefully the open date turns out to be someone good. As a season ticket holder there is not much there if you want to see good games.

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Robed Obama Photo Sparks Row

The photograph shows Mr Obama wearing a white turban and a white robe presented to him by elders in north-eastern Kenya.

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The fact that this is "news" is pathetic. When will this segment of the American populace grow up? A guy wearing something that is not "western".....ooh....must mean he can't be president.

Mats Sundin should accept a trade out of Toronto

As everyone knows I am a big time hockey fan. More importantly I am a big time Toronto Maple Leafs fan. During his tenure in Toronto, Mats Sundin has never been my favorite Leaf but I know what he has meant to the Leafs all these years. I understand the Leafs never went to the finals under his leadership and that they did underachieve at times...Mats Sundin has represented the city of Toronto well on and off the ice. It really is sad that the Leafs never did get him a set wing man in all his years. I can't even begin to count all the guys that have come and gone without being the proper #2 that every successful team needs.

With that said the time has come to least for the time being. I have no doubt in my mind that if at the end of the year he wanted to return to Toronto the Leafs would welcome him back. Accepting a trade now would help all parties involved. The Leafs can get a dynamic young player or two along with much needed draft picks. Sundin can go to a contender and make a run for that ring that has alluded Toronto for four decades.

While I respect his decision of wanting to finish his career in Toronto I don't see why he can't accept a deal now. Don't get me wrong...I respect the loyalty shown to the team but it is not like he has been a lifelong Leaf. I would probably think of this differently if it was someone who had spent his entire career in Toronto.

The city of Toronto needs the Leafs to be great once again. A Mats Sundin trade now speeds up the process.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CNN: US shoots down satellite

According to CNN just a few minutes ago the US successfully shot down the "dead" spy satellite. It really is a scary thought that this can be done. Something like this will surely be the start of a World War some day as taking out a few satellites can clearly damage a country's infrastructure with the disruption of the likes of cellphones and GPS units.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama needs to stop being so cocky

So I was watching Hillary's speech when Obama comes out and interrupts the speech. Yes this has been a heated fight so far but if he does win the nomination he needs the Clinton's in his corner. Why not just let her finish? His charisma would have outshine Hillary anyways.

The greatest prank ever pulled

Trade bait? Something's fishy
Did Kyle Kendrick get sent packing to Japan? Nah, he just got punked.

By Todd Zolecki

Inquirer Staff Writer
CLEARWATER, Fla. - The Phillies traded Kyle Kendrick yesterday.

To the Yomiuri Giants. In Japan. For Kobayashi Iwamura.

"Do they have good food in Japan?" a stunned Kendrick asked reporters, who circled his locker inside the clubhouse at Bright House Networks Field. "I don't know what to think right now."

Unbelievable, huh?

Indeed. The Phillies executed an elaborate prank on Kendrick, one so believable that it had their 23-year-old starting pitcher convinced that he needed to be on a 7:05 a.m. Delta Airlines flight today, connecting in Atlanta for the 14-hour, 30-minute trip to Tokyo. The accomplices in the ruse included assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.; manager Charlie Manuel; Frank Coppenbarger, director of team travel and clubhouse service; Kendrick's agent, Joe Urbon; pitcher Brett Myers; and pretty much everybody else in the clubhouse.

"They got me," Kendrick said later. "I thought it was a done deal. I thought it really happened. Gosh, good thing it didn't."

Think these Phillies are a loose bunch?

The idea developed early last week, but those involved were borrowing an old idea. Phillies broadcaster Larry Andersen once pulled the same prank on former pitcher Wayne Gomes.

Amaro created an official-looking document on Phillies letterhead, spelling out the trade details, which Kendrick had to sign in triplicate. Coppenbarger also created a detailed itinerary for Kendrick's trip overseas.

After yesterday's workout, Kendrick went into the weight room, as usual, when Amaro pulled him out. He and Kendrick walked through the clubhouse together.

(Keep in mind, any time the assistant GM or GM pulls a player out of the weight room or clubhouse and walks him into the manager's office, something almost always is up.)

"Contract signed," J.D. Durbin said from across the room.

"What'd you do, Kendrick?" Myers asked.

Comcast, which had been in on the scheme from the start, had Manuel and Myers miked for the prank.

Kendrick took a seat in Manuel's office. The manager and Amaro explained that he had just been traded to Japan. (Major leaguers can't be traded to Japan, by the way.) Kendrick didn't seem to notice or care that a TV camera was filming the event because he had been told earlier that Comcast was following Manuel around for the day.

Then Coppenbarger handed Kendrick his flight schedule.

He explained to Kendrick that he tried to get him a layover for a night in Seattle (Kendrick is from Washington), but couldn't because his Japanese team needed him to arrive immediately.

Stunned, Kendrick left Manuel's office and staggered to his locker. He grabbed his cell phone and walked outside to call his agent.

"It happens," Urbon told Kendrick. "It's a chance for you to make some more money. This is going to be a big deal. This really never happens. The media over there is going to be big."

"All right," Kendrick said.

He hung up.

Kendrick returned to his locker, where Amaro brought over reporters, who didn't expect to be part of the gag. Amaro announced the trade.

"It was a deal we felt was important for us to make," he told reporters. "The fact of the matter is we're trying to get to the next level."

Then the questions started.

Did Manuel, who played in Japan, give you some tips?

"No, not at all," Kendrick said. "Um, I don't know what to think right now."

Have you had all your shots? Seriously, you need shots to go over there.

"Uh, no," Kendrick said. "I haven't. Um, I don't know. This is going to be a new little chapter I guess, huh?"

Are you upset?

Is your passport in order?

Have you talked to your agent?

Are you shocked?

"You know what I say?" Myers said, stepping in next to Kendrick. "You just got punked!"

The clubhouse erupted in laughter. Everybody could see the relief wash over Kendrick.

"I've never been so happy. Seriously," he said. "I was not getting on that flight in the morning. They got me."

And Kobayashi Iwamura? He's relieved, too.

If he only existed.

Link to the Philadelphia Inquirer Piece.

Give everyone involved lots of credit. Trades are obviously an unfortunate part of the business......but what a humorous look at how it all goes down. The look on Kendrick's face is priceless.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

MSNBC:Pentagon to shoot down broken spy satellite

Pentagon to shoot down broken spy satellite
Broken satellite expected to hit Earth in early March
The Associated Press
updated 12:10 p.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 14, 2008

WASHINGTON - U.S. officials say the Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March.

This is the first time U.S. military will use a missile to destroy a satellite in space, NBC News reports.

The spy satellite has lost all power and is expected to crash back on Earth in early March, spreading debris and potentially hazardous fuel over several hundred miles.

The Pentagon will rely on part of its Missle Defense System to destroy the satellite while still in orbit over the Pacific. The Navy will fire two or three SM-3 missiles from a cruiser and destroyer off the northwest coast of Hawaii.

The SM-3's, which are more of a medium-range interceptor, had to be modified — more fuel and new software — to reach the disabled spy satellite in orbit. If the intercept is successful and the satellite blown to bits, it appears most of the debris will become orbitting "space junk" and not re-enter the earth's atmopshere.


This has never been tried before. Lets see if this works.

Congressional hearings on Steroids

Strange hearing. It is unbelievable that even a hearing on steroids has to be a partisan affair in congress. It seemed like the Democrats were basically questioning Clemens and the Republicans were questioning McNamee. I need to watch more of this tomorrow as I pretty much missed all of it today but Clemens does come out this looking pretty bad. The fact that his lawyers kept jumping in doesn't help his cause much. The fact that Andy Pettitte threw him under the bus doesn't help him much. Does he really expect people to believe that his wife got HGH....from this trainer no less....and he wasn't aware of it? I'm not saying McNamee is a saint....but I've always thought Clemens was a scum and he's proving me right every day. From the little that I saw of it today 2 congressmen stuck out as having done their work on this...and actually make it worthwile and they are Representative Elijah Cummings, D-Md and the chairman Representative Henry Waxman, D-CA. I will comment more on this tomorrow when hopefully I'll get a chance to catch more of this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rob Riggle from the Daily Show on the Writers strike ending.

Rob Riggle hails the return of the striking writers, but predicts only bad things for The Daily Show's host


Congratulations Jay Triano

Jay Triano tonight becomes the first Canadian to coach in the NBA. He will be the acting head coach for the Raptors tonight against the undermanned New Jersey Nets while Sam Mitchell is away tending to family matters.

ESPN: Clemens told Pettite that his wife did HGH

So appearantly today in front of congress Clemens will validate claims from Pettite and McNamee that his wife did HGH. I wonder how that is going over in the Clemens household. Yet another McNamee charge that is going to be proven true.....I wonder how that is going for Clemens' defense.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama vs McCain?

The McCain/Obama debates are going to be a repeat of the Nixon/Kennedy ones or even Reagan/Mondale. I mean McCain is pretty witty as his numerous appearances with Jon Stewart and Don Imus have shown but he is no match for Obama. Someone on his staff screwed up big time tonight. Why on earth did he come out to interrupt the Obama speech? First of all MSNBC didn't even pick up his speech until Obama was done with this. Secondly, why didn't he go before Obama? I understand why he couldn't go a little bit later as it is getting late on the east coast and you want that TV audience....but to basically cut into Obama's speech really highlights how bland of a speaker he really is. McCain and Obama pretty much started to campaign against each other today. McCain even stole a bit from Obama's stump speech with the whole "fired up and ready to go bit."

I loved the whole contrast with the two speeches. Obama speaking at a packed Kohl's Center with a really energetic vibe....McCain's speech looked and sounded like it was in someone's basement.

Obama's "fired up" Speech

Daily Show on CNNs Situation Room

Watch as Jon Stewart breaks down each of the screens in the Situation Room.


Primary name game....courtesy of The Daily Show.

The cable news talking heads try to drum up nicknames for upcoming primaries while the candidates share their stamina regimens.


Japanese Town rooting for Obama?

Ran across this on Yahoo News earlier.

Barack Obama, who has been credited with tapping support in unlikely places, is enjoying a groundswell of enthusiasm in a small city in western Japan, which is delighted to share his name.

Obama, Japan, is rooting for candidate Obama, hoping that if he becomes the US president he will put this ancient fishing town of 32,000 people firmly on the tourist map and, just maybe, choose it for an international summit.

Supporters in Obama -- which means "small shore" in Japanese -- have held parties to watch election results, put up posters wishing the senator luck and plan a special batch of the town's "manju" sweets bearing his likeness

Full Story

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zednik in stable condition after being sliced on neck by skate

Zednik in stable condition after being sliced on neck by skate
Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Panthers forward Richard Zednik had blood gushing from a deep cut on the right side of his neck after being struck by a teammate's skate during the third period of Florida's 5-3 loss to Buffalo on Sunday night.

Zednik was behind the play and skating into the right corner of the Sabres' zone, when teammate Olli Jokinen was upended by Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell. Jokinen fell head-first to the ice, and his right leg flew up and struck Zednik directly on the side of the neck.

Clutching his neck, Zednik immediately raced to the Florida bench, leaving a long trail of blood. A Sabres trainer jumped on the ice to apply a towel across the player's neck, and Zednik was immediately escorted to the Panthers' dressing room.

Players and coaches on both benches looked on in shock, and a silent hush fell over the crowd at HSBC Arena. The game was delayed for more than 15 minutes as crews scraped the blood from the ice.

"Richard Zednik is in stable condition and on his way to a Buffalo hospital," was the announcement over the loudspeaker.

The crowd stood in applause during the announcement.

Prior to resuming the game, referee Bill McCreary and Panthers coach Jacques Martin consulted in the tunnel outside the Panthers' dressing room.

Sabres general manager Darcy Regier was also spotted talking with NHL vice president Colin Campbell. Campbell, the league's director of hockey operations, attended the game in part because his son, Gregory Campbell, plays for the Panthers.

Credit ESPN. It really is amazing that things like this don't happen more often. The video really is a scary sight to see as it could've been a lot worse.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

1000 games of Raptors Basketball

Friday night the Toronto Raptors played their 1000th game in franchise history. Of all the pro sports teams I'm a fan of...the Raptors have always been at the top of the list. From the Mighty Mouse era to the VC the CB4 one, this definitely has been a roller coaster ride. Here's my personal top 10 moments in Raptors history.

10)VC makes the guarantee.
It was the 5th of May in 1999 and the Raptors had just wrapped up a 97-86 win over the Cavaliers. Why is the date significant? It was the strike shortened season and the Raptors had just gone 23-27. After the game a rookie guard out of North Carolina grabbed a mic and addressed what remained of the crowd. Thanking the crowd
for the support all year he added a guarantee that the Raptors would be in the playoffs the next year. For the first time in their young history the team actually had a chance. With a 1-2 punch of Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter everyone in Toronto including me believed that it was the start of an era. Surely enough the Raptors made the playoffs the next year. They lost to the Knicks in a rather forgettable series for all the wrong reasons and with T-Mac's quick departure out of Toronto at the end of the season that dream of a potential championship run died as well.

9)Raptors win first playoff series
First playoff win. Enough said. The 2nd trip to the playoffs was definitely a lot sweeter and this series was just the start of that and reflected the playoff run. The Raptors lost game 1 before coming back and winning game 2 by 20 at MSG. They lost game 3 at home but came back to win game 4. The win in game 4 was the first playoff win in franchise history. Game 5 at another close game the Raptors finally did pull it off. I still remember that Alvin William jumper in the final seconds of the game that sealed the deal for the Raptors.

8)Playoffs vs Nets
Have a personal bias towards this one. I went to games 4 and 6 at the Continental Airlines Arena (now IZOD Center) in NJ. Even though the Raptors lost both of those games and the series those two games are the only 2 NBA games I've been to. The atmosphere at both of those games was electric. The amount of Toronto fans that had taken the drive down to Jersey was insane. VC getting booed every time he touched the almost had a Canadian feel to it as by estimate at least 40% of those in attendance were rooting for the Raptors.

7)Raptors make playoffs for first time.
Enough said. The guarantee laid out by Vince Carter at the end of the previous year is followed through on. Of course that series is one I'd like to forget because of all the drama that went on.

6)VC Dunk Contest
Part 1

Part 2

Watching on TSN....I had the same reaction as the rest of the basketball world. The term "Half Man Half Amazing" was coined that night. It is a shame looking back that VC was at the peak of his career that night. He stole the show. The reaction he got from the crowd, NBA players all spoke volumes. He had arrived.

5)VC erupts for 51 on NBC
February 27th 2000. The Raptors are on their way to the first playoff appearance in franchise history and the US fan base starts to take notice. The stage was set on a Sunday afternoon, NBA on NBC. Noon tip off. It was the first time the Raptors appeared on national TV in the US. It was just days after his electric performance at the Slamdunk contest in Oakland, California. Anyone who didn't know him by that point took notice that day as VC shot 17-32 from the field on his was to 51 points. No Raptor has touched the 50 point plateau in a regular season game since.

4)March 24, 1996
It was just the 67th game in franchise history.....but to me sticks out more then any of other ones that came before or after it The Raptors were 18-49 coming into the game. Respectable for an expansion team. Standing on the otherside were the Chicago Bulls who came into the game with an unbelievable 60-8 record. Trailing by 1 having last possession the Bulls in a year where it all went right for them...could not do it against the lowly expansion team. Both Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan (fadeaway...what else with time expiring that he could not get off in time) could not seal the deal. Playing shorthanded (the Raptors played just 7 men that night) against one of the greatest teams ever assembled the Raptors pull of a 109-108 win in front of more then 36,000 fans at the Skydome. For a moment time did freeze. For that split second no one had any idea whether that MJ fade away counted or not. When the realization did sink in.....the expansion Raptors were part of a small group of teams that defeated the Bulls (72-10) that year.


3)Mo-Pete for 3
"Onions...Baby....Onions!" indeed. Chuck Swirsky's reaction says it all. Why Mo-Pete even got a chance to make that one knows as the ball should just have been heaved to the other side.

2) February 24, 1999
Game 10 of the strike shortened year and Toronto loses by 20 to slip to 3-7 on the year. Why does this make the list? This is day Vince opened some eyes around Toronto. Mighty Mouse got traded too soon.......Camby was a one knew what Mo-Pete or T-Mac were at this point....did the Raptors finally have a star to call their own?

1)Raptors vs 76ers
What a series it was. Seven amazing games one after other. The nightly battle between Iverson and Carter were epic. The ball was again in VC's hands and he got his patented falling away 3 poing shot off which I was certain that shot was going in but it wasn't meant to be. It certainly was the peak for the franchise to this date. I am confident this years team can give us a run to match that one but being 2 inches away from the Conference Finals....this is my #1 Raptors moment from the past

Alltime Raptors team.

This is purely based on what they did in a Raptors uniform

PG - Damon Stoudamire
SG- Vince Carter
SF - Tracy McGardy
PF- Chris Bosh
C - Antonio Davis

Charles Oakley
Alvin Williams
Morris Peterson
Doug Christie
Jerome Williams
Jose Calderon
Jalen Rose

Friday, February 08, 2008


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Get off of Pedro's back

I just love how people are trying to equate Pedro Martinez to Micheal Vick. How are the two stories even related? Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican Republic.....I love the hypocrisy here as the same people killing Pedro today are the same ones who'd go and to their thing in Vegas or A.C despite those activities being illegal where they live.

Daily Show on Romney "suspending" his campaign

Thank God he's gone. What a noble man he is Stewart said "Mitt Romney loves his country so much....he would not and could not subject it to a Romney presidency"

...What a moron.....a Clinton/Obama win is a win for terror? Love the way Stewart reveals his hypocrisy. This idiot is going to run again in 2012....all I have to say is that its Good news for Democrats.


"One more thing I would say about that that I think is interesting -is it’s proof that voters like to vote for who they like."

Jon Stewart looks at how the 24 hour cable channels tried to fill six hours of airtime covering Super Tuesday. And Amy Holmes says it all.

Holmes: One more thing I would say about that that I think is interesting -is it’s proof that voters like to vote for who they like.


Here is a link to the story courtesy of Crooks and Liars

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Would you walk away from $135 Million

So according to Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated, Johan Santana was pretty close to returning to the Twins for one more year.

Santana, through his agent, Peter Greenberg, had informed the Mets earlier in the day that he wanted $140 million over six years. The Mets were holding firm at $135 million. Santana flew from his Florida home to New York and joined negotiations in Wilpon's office at about 2 p.m. At 4:55 p.m. -- five minutes before the Major League Baseball-mandated deadline -- Santana told Wilpon that he was leaving and was prepared to pitch one more year for Minnesota before becoming a free agent. Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, general manager Omar Minaya and vice president Tony Bernazard were among those in attendance.

"I told you I wasn't backing off my number," Santana told Fred Wilpon. "I appreciate your offer, but I'm passing on it."

Wilpon replied, "I've been in business a long time. That's a lot of money to walk away from."

"No disrespect to you," Santana said. "But I deserve it. I'll just go back and pitch and I'll get it later. Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player in the game. I'm the best pitcher. I'm not even asking for that [Rodriguez] kind of money."

Santana was about to walk out of the room when Wilpon and Greenberg agreed to ask Major League Baseball to extend their negotiating window by two hours. The two sides eventually agreed to split the $5 million difference, settling at $137.5 million. The deal also includes Cy Young Award bonuses that could trigger an option year. One of the sources said Santana told Minaya, "You get my clause, I'll get my Cy Young."


Eli on Letterman

As most of you know Eli was on Letterman last night. The two cover everything from the game, to Peyton to WFAN. Here are the clips.

Part 1

Part 2

Think you're a great fan?

So how many people reading this consider themselves a big fan of a professional sports team? Read this. What a story.


The other commercial

So a couple of days ago I put up a video of a Reebok commercial about the Giants defeating the Patriots. Well Reebok of course had another commercial ready...just in case the Pats had won.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Play of the year

Early nomination but it'll be hard for anyone to top this play from the Giants' Eli Manning and David Tyree.

How did Eli avoid that rush? How did Tyree hang on to the ball?


Sunday, February 03, 2008


Great stuff from Reebok.

19-0? Scratch that....

You know how they say you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch? Anyone wanna throw some cash at this book tonight?


Congrats Giants Fans

Congrats to all Giants fans out there. To everyone who's been critical of Eli all year.....I told you so! What a game. Great to see the Pats go down. Eli was brilliant on the final drive. That pass to Tyree.....what can I say. Play of the year without a doubt. Man I hate New York as a whole.....but it is great to see the Patriots go down. No one cares about 18-1.....if anything they are the 3rd best 18-1 team of all time. Big kudos to the Giants defense. They made the Patriots offensive line look bad all day. If this was Strahan's last game....what a way to go out. Hopefully more comes out about spygate in the next couple of days and the Pats suffer some more.

Man I love sports. 6 weeks ago everyone hated Coughlin and Eli. Now Coughlin is going to walk away with a 5 year extension and Eli is set for life in New York.

Super Bowl Weekend should be a long weekend

So it has been said for years and perhaps we'll even see it in our lifetime but the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. While we wait for that to's a memo Fedex sent out to its employees:

Credit to Deadspin.

4 hours from game time

On November 19th I said one of the NY teams would beat the Pats......hopefully the Giants prove me right tonight. The game should definitely be a lot closer then what a lot of people are predicting. Giants definitely need this to be a low scoring game. It's raining so the Dome should be closed. I think Eli will have himself another solid game. Giants definitely need a big game from Jacobs as they definitely need to keep the Pats off the field.

Giants 24....Patriots 21.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Congratulations Mets fans

Congratulations Mets fans. A ccording to ESPN the Mets have finalized a contract extension with Santana. I'm calling a 20-4 2.24 ERA season right now.


NEW YORK -- Johan Santana and the New York Mets completed contract negotiations Friday, the last major step needed to finalize the team's blockbuster trade with Minnesota.

After the sides were granted an extra two hours to work on a deal, they finished negotiations before the new 7 p.m. EST deadline. The pitcher is scheduled to take a physical, the Mets said.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press

Michael Wilbon returns to the Post

As some of you may have heard Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post and ESPN's Pardon the Interruption had a heart attack earlier this week. He returned to work today with a column for the post.


How Berman should do highlights from now on.

A follow up on the other Berman story.


Do not disturb Chris Berman

Saw this on Deadspin yesterday and I agree what took so long for this video to come out?


Bandwagon Fans

I've mentioned this a million times before....but I really do hate bandwagon fans. As most of you know I work for a sporting goods retailer. So last night 2 men in their 30s walk in (each wearing Giants apparel) to the store. They were looking at football jerseys and all of a sudden one of them laughs and points to a Carolina Panthers Steve Smith jersey. He asks me why we still have that jersey in stock? I question him as to why we would not? His response? "Doesn't he play for the Giants now?"

So bandwagon Giants fans. Steve Smith from Carolina is #89. Steve Smith from Giants is #12 and not related at all to the other Smith.
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