Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama vs McCain?

The McCain/Obama debates are going to be a repeat of the Nixon/Kennedy ones or even Reagan/Mondale. I mean McCain is pretty witty as his numerous appearances with Jon Stewart and Don Imus have shown but he is no match for Obama. Someone on his staff screwed up big time tonight. Why on earth did he come out to interrupt the Obama speech? First of all MSNBC didn't even pick up his speech until Obama was done with this. Secondly, why didn't he go before Obama? I understand why he couldn't go a little bit later as it is getting late on the east coast and you want that TV audience....but to basically cut into Obama's speech really highlights how bland of a speaker he really is. McCain and Obama pretty much started to campaign against each other today. McCain even stole a bit from Obama's stump speech with the whole "fired up and ready to go bit."

I loved the whole contrast with the two speeches. Obama speaking at a packed Kohl's Center with a really energetic vibe....McCain's speech looked and sounded like it was in someone's basement.

Obama's "fired up" Speech

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