Thursday, October 15, 2009

Falcon Heene - "Balloon Boy" Hoax

Did you guys follow this Falcon Heene story all day today?

He is the kid all of America thought was on the Helium balloon today as it floated across Colorado. Immediately a lot of people thought it was some kind of hoax. More people jumped on that bandwagon when the balloon landed.....and no one was there.

Then there was a manhunt to find the kid......and he turned up hours later from the attic of his own home. Strange....right? I immediately thought something was up and have been saying so all day long on my twitter feed.

It had to be a hoax. This family from all we know about it, just craves attention. So the media played right into it and rightfully so. It was a fascinating story today but immediately people began to catch on that something was up. If you read my earlier post from today you saw Youtube links and other stuff that helps point to this family being crazy.

Wolf Blitzer landed the interview on behalf of Larry King Live that all the news outlets wanted. He exposed this family for the frauds they are....and didn't even realize it. He should have pressed them harder when the kid says "you said it was for the show." What a disaster. What a disgrace. What was Blitzer thinking? Watch the clip.

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