Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh wants you to give up the NFL

For the longest time Rush Limbaugh has been a crazy, ignorant, racist, fear mongering, hate spreading fool. Well today brings a new chapter in that saga.

Rush, who all week was crazy about the NFL and wanting to own a team now says that the NFL is "outpost of racism and liberalism." Is anyone really surprise that he ignored all available data that proves otherwise. What a joke. I can safely say that 90% of NFL owners are probably Republicans and conservatives. If the NFL was this big liberal outpost.....why did Rush want to join it in the first place? Why did he take a job at ESPN a few years ago commenting on it?

Rush wants to go around blaming others for him getting shut down by the league this week. Does he not remember his disgraceful stint at ESPN? Now I'd be the first to say that McNabb has been overrated but...when was he ever built up by the media? The media has been rough on McNabb forever.

Hilarious stuff, Rush is threatening to sue over "false statements". Pretty funny coming from a guy who's entire show is popular because of lies and propaganda that he feeds to ignorant people.

Credit to Media Matters. Here are just some of Rush's idiotic comments over the recent years.

Good luck with this one Rush. Your followers might be bigots and racists....but they aren't going to give up their football. You would have had better luck if you asked them to boycott oxygen.

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