Thursday, October 15, 2009

The saga of Falcon Heene.

Edit 3: Are you guys watching this interview on Larry King Live? Did this kid Falcon say something along the lines of "for show" when they asked him why he didn't come out when people were calling him?

Edit 2: The entire Heene family will be on Larry King Live tonight. Wolf Blitzer will be filling in for Larry King.

Edit: Kid found at a the attic. There is still more to this story that we do not know.

Ok...finding more out about this father now and the more we find out the more bizarre it gets.

Original Post:

Are you guys watching this Helium balloon story from Colorado? Reports are a 6 year old boy climbed aboard his father's Helium balloon....and took off.

The kid ironically named Falcon was reported to be on the aircraft by one of this brothers. This balloon has been flying around for a while and just landed. There was no one inside though?

What happened along the way? Did a piece of the aircraft fall off before cameras got to the story? Was this a hoax? Is the boy really missing? Kidnapping? Need to hear from the family fast.

One of the early ABC reports.

This is a family that chases storms and UFOs. They made this aircraft together as a family. Huffington Post did some quick research. The kid's father has his own website about this balloons and storm chasing. That is not the end of the craziness for this family. They were on a recent episode of the show "Wife Swap".

When the story first broke I thought there was no way this story would end well. When I saw the soft thoughts changed for a moment. Now this? Where is that kid? What happened to him? Did he ever take off?

Look at this family made music video that the 3 Heene kids were in.

Richard Heene also believes he discovered life on Mars.

Someone is already having some fun with this story on twitter. See this account?

Anyone know how old the brother who reported the story is?

This father seems like quiet the character. David Shuster quoted someone earlier who said this kid's father in the 80s gave his dog a mohawk. What a whack job.

Oh...and yeah this family is into conspiracy theories....and "faking stuff?

Where is Falcon Heene?

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