About Me

A Pakistani born Canadian living in the US. Love politics and sports. Should have become a journalist but love to blog, twitter and talk about it for now. 

I am a lifelong sports fan. I am a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the San Francisco 49ers. In College Sports I root for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (I hold Rutgers Football season tickets). I am a big fan of politics and current events and follow it almost as close as I do sports. I've been quoted in the mainstream media on a few occasions. I won a share of the 2006 Time Magazine "Person of the Year" award!
So, what should you expect to see here? Most of the time you'll see my views here on sports and politics. Now for those of you know me you already know which way my loyalties lie....and what most of my views probably will be. Chances are that you're gonna disagree with me (especially on the political stuff) but sign up and leave your comments here anyhow and hopefully it builds towards a solid discussion. You'll see the occasional movie review here.....although I gotta say I'm not that regular of a movie goer. You can expect to read my views on things that annoy me in the world and things that need to be changed. I will also sprinkle in the the occasional restaurant review for one of the many Halal dining options in Central New Jersey or for a spot that I visited while on vacation somewhere.  With that said continue on you as you see the The World According to.....Me
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