Wednesday, November 19, 2008

John Oliver and CNN's Magic Wall

The two new weapons unleashed upon America this election cycle were John Oliver and CNN's Magic Wall, a toy you saw John King playing around with for the past year. Well the wall and John King himself made a cameo in this piece with John Oliver on The Daily Show Tuesday night.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kudos to LeBron James

I am not a big Lebron James fan as a lot of you are already aware but Kudos to him here. Tiger and Jordan take a hint.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Its OffIcial!

So at 11 PM it becomes official. These pictures are surreal. How many of us really thought we'd see this day? I'll put up a more in depth post in a couple of days because this will take some time to soak in. Do I think all the negative views of the US go away with this? Ofcourse not, but this is a huge step forward. Its a shame what ended up happening here to McCain. Here is a man who is a shell of his former self. Had he run the campaign this time that he did in 2000 he probably could have ran away with this election.

What happens to the Republican party as we know it? Does the Republican party split away from the religius nuts that have hijacked it and rebuild? Does McCain leave the party? Does he leave the senate altogether.

Let us all pray for the safety and well being of the president-elect.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My DaughtersBy the People: The Election of Barack Obama

President-Elect Obama

The networks won't call it until 11 but Obama has won. Barring a major fraud there is no mathematical way for McCain to get to 270.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My DaughtersBy the People: The Election of Barack Obama
-Love the early win in PA
-Love the senate pickups
-Is Indiana really still up in the air!
-Did anyone else catch the hologram on CNN?

The Christian right makes me laugh

Growing up in Toronto and then in Edison I've been lucky enough to grow up around a diverse group of people. I've never been shy about political discussion but the Christian right is nuts. A message just popped up on my facebook newsfeed that a student from a "Christian" school had left for someone on my friends list. I'm fairly certain this friend is voting Republican(which is not the source of the trouble here). This person mention the need for prayer tonight because President Osama(and yes that is how the name was spelled) policies on abortion would kill babies.

Why isn't this same sanctity of life argument going the other way? Why aren't these "religous" people voting against McCain because tens of thousands of people who's only fault was being born in a country with oil have died as a result of an illegal war that he supports.

Election Day

Have not posted much lately as I have been busy moving but expect a few posts in the next couple of days. Election day is here and let me once again urge all of you to go out and vote. Our age group is always horrible at this but hopefully things are different this time around. By now everyone known my political affiliation so I'm hoping the early results from Dixville Notch are a sign of things to come. For just the second time in the last 13 elections and for the first time since 1968 the town has gone for the Democratic candidate. For those not familiar with Dixville Notch go ahead and google it because I am going to try and go to sleep as tomorrow will be a long night,
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