Thursday, October 08, 2009

Barack Obama and Reggie Love

By now unless you've been living in a cave somewhere you should know that Barack Obama is a big time basketball fan. Not only does he watch basketball, he plays a lot of basketball. It has been well documented on Twitter too where Christina Bellantoni of "Talking Points Memo" created the brilliant hashtag called "#potuslovessports"

Some of you might be aware that the President is holding another pickup game today. I'm guessing that came up in today's press briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Watch the video to see what happened.

Obama playing hoops, blocking a shot by aide Reggie Love (Whi... on Twitpic

Reggie Love for those who aren't aware of it is the personal aide to the President. The "body man" as they are called. If you're a "West Wing" nerd like me you'll make the immediate connection to "Charlie." This is what Reggie Love does. What makes this basketball story better is that Reggie Love actually played for Duke. He was part of a pretty loaded Duke team that won a national title. A total of 5 players from the team ended up going to the NBA.

Saw another piece on Obama and Basketball today. ABC did a little reporting and wants to know why there have been no women involved in these pickup games?

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