Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bush On Katrina One Year Later: "It's Amazing"...

Bush On Katrina One Year Later: "It's Amazing"...

The New York Times | ANNE E. KORNBLUT and DAVID STOUT | Posted August 28, 2006 09:55 PM



On the eve of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush returned to the devastated Gulf Coast today promising to continue federal assistance, and eagerly pointing out signs of progress.

"It's amazing, isn't?" he told a gathering under a sweltering sun. "It's amazing what the world looked like then and what it looks like now"...

... Mr. Bush delivered his remarks at an intersection in a working-class Biloxi neighborhood against a carefully orchestrated backdrop of neatly reconstructed homes. Just a few feet out of camera range stood gutted houses with wires dangling from interior ceilings. A tattered piece of crime scene tape hung from a tree in the field where Mr. Bush spoke. A toilet seat lay on its side in the grass.

Mr. Bush praised the optimism and grit of the people of Mississippi, and he reaffirmed his belief in neighborly cooperation as well as government help. "A year ago, I committed our federal government to help you," he said. "I said we have a duty to help the local people recover and rebuild. I meant what I said."

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