Sunday, December 17, 2006

Knicks vs Nuggets Brawl

Everyone knows Carmelo is gonna come out of this but who the hell doe Mardy Collins think he is? What a cowardly foul that was. The Knicks are the biggest joke in sports right now. They're losing by however many points and about 30 seconds before the brawl starts Isiah is seen laughing on the sidelines. If Isiah gets to finish the year as coach....I'd be shocked. One has to wonder what Dolan was thinking watching that image. Should the Nuggets have taken their starters out a few minutes earlier? Maybe. But as the play was developing you could see 3 Nuggets get up off the bench on their way to the scorers table when the foul happened. Apparently Karl and Larry Brown are very close and some people believe that's the reason Karl left the starters in.

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