Monday, January 07, 2008

Clemens phone call

So how many people here watched that Clemens conference call? The call does nothing to change my view on Clemens. Brian McNamee comes across as a joke....but at no point in the call can you definitely say that Clemens in innocent. Read more on the call here. Only good thing Clemens did was agreeing to appear before congress.....not that he had much of a choice there anyways. When asked if steroid users are cheaters....he refused to say so. When asked about the HOF he said he doesn't care about the HOF which I don't believe. On the call McNamee repeatedly asks him what he should do......and Clemens not once asks him to retract his statement. To me all the taped conversation does is prove that McNamee is some loser trainer who feels bad he outed one of his clients.

1 comment:

  1. i think clemens handled it pretty well, i also noticed that he wasn't replying when Mcnamee said " what do you want me to do" but you also gotta notice that when Clemens repeadetly said " I want the truth to come out" and " I did not use steroids", mcnamee never said anything like " yes you did" or " your lying" stuff like that.

    but yeah, it could go both ways. being a huge Clemens fan, i can only hope that he's not lying


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