Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 MLB Over/Under

Do any of you out there play over/unders for any sports? I'm not asking if you gamble on it. Just if you play them at all. I am going to try and doing these for every sport from now on. They are fun to look back at over the course of the season. 

These are the numbers I used to make my picks.  

Here we go:

  • Arizona- Over
  • Atlanta- Under
  • Baltimore- Under
  • Boston- Over
  • Chicago C- Under
  • Chicago W- Over
  • Cincinnati- Over
  • Cleveland- Over
  • Colorado- Under
  • Detroit- Over
  • Florida- Under
  • Houston- Under
  • Kansas City- Over
  • LA Angels- Over
  • LA Dodgers- Over
  • Milwaukee- Over
  • Minnesota- Over
  • NY Mets- Over
  • NY Yankees- Under
  • Oakland- Under
  • Philadelphia- Under
  • Pittsburgh- Over
  • San Diego- Under
  • San Francisco- Over
  • Seattle- Over
  • St. Louis- Under
  • Tampa Bay- Under
  • Texas- Under
  • Toronto- Over
  • Washington- Over

Faraz and I decided to a friendly game where each of us picked six teams. The only condition was that we both couldn't pick the exact same team going in the same direction. We were allowed to pick the same team going in different directions. 


Brewers Over
Angels Over
Cardinals Under
Mets Over
Orioles Under
Diamondbacks Over


Blue Jays Over
Royals Under
Cardinals Over
Twins Over
Giants Over
Braves Under

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