Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canadian Vacation

I got back from Toronto early Monday. The more I go back to Canada the more I want to just stay there. Its definitely where I want to be long term. A week of vacation time only is not enough for a trip to Toronto. There are so many family and friends there that it is impossible to cover them all in a week. Especially a week when there was a family wedding involved. I have another week of vacation left this year so maybe another trip to Toronto?

The drive back was just ridiculous. A trip that can take around 7.5 hours took almost 12 hours instead. There was a 2 mile stretch near the border that took us over 2 hours to cross. Insane. Caught a bit more traffic in Pennsylvania and took this detour of about 35 through what can at best be described as the "middle of nowhere." Houses were spread out, there was basically a jungle on both sides of the road, there was no cell phone signal and to top it all of there were no lights on anywhere (including the houses) and it wasn't even 10 PM yet. Didn't see any civilization for a good half hour until we came out in Clark Summit a small town near Scranton.

P.S I want to go back to Canada

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