Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Night 3 of RNC Convention

Gotta love Republican hypocrisy. On one hand they want to kill the media for exploiting a "family issue" with the pregnancy of Bristol Palin. They say families should be off limits. Fair enough. Just explain to me though how that works when Sarah Palin goes out and mentions her sons' up coming deployment to Iraq.....on September 11th of all days. Gotta love it.

Who's bright idea was it for her to bring up Obama's lack of experience? Are you kidding me? They want to talk about "executive experience" but by that logic....doesn't that make her more experienced then McCain? Why isn't she on the top of the ticket?

Who's bright idea was it for her to go and attack the media? Again, it reaches out to your base....but why piss off the media even more? There are already thousands of journalists descending on Alaska digging into her past (apparently more thoroughly then the McCain camp ever did).

Her speech reached out to the base....a base which was pretty much behind her anyways. What did they do to reach the voters who are stuck in the middle?

Of course no Republican event would be complete without reaching out to redneck America (see the Guliani, Huckabee and Romney speeches).

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