Friday, February 27, 2009

College coaches and Money

This discussion comes up every so often and you see outrage over how much college basketball and football coaches make. This week this issue was brought up again by someone looking to make a name for himself, a 36 year old self described freelance journalist named Ken Krayeske.

Much has been made about Coach Calhoun's response....but I don't see anything wrong with it. People like to bring this up all the time as to how much these coaches make when colleges are making the cust. What these people fail to realize is that the money these coaches are making....they are bringing in themselves and then some. The teams these coaches are leading are running entire the lesser known sports too. The money being paid to the coach won't go towards making tuition cheaper because that money wouldn't exist if not for the coach. The teams bring in big money because of the good teams that these big name coaches put out. Its now like the money for his salary is coming out of the state budget.

Ken Krayeske had been given a photo pass for this game and the post game press conference that followed.....and he decided to go and try make a name for himself. For the record Krayeske has a history of this. According to ESPN:
Krayeske, of Hartford, is a political activist and self-described freelance journalist who has landed in the headlines after other high-profile incidents in the past.

They included his January 2007 arrest at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's inaugural parade, where Hartford police charged Krayeske with breach of peace and interfering with an officer.

The charges were later dismissed.

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