Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reality TV crashes the State Dinner?

Two "Reality" TV participants wanting to be famous crash a State Dinner at the White House and no one catches them. No, this is not the plot from some TV Show or movie, apparently it actually happened.

Just what is going on here? I reported from a Bill Clinton event last month that the security presence there was a joke. Who can forget the Boston Globe report earlier this year on how overworked the Secret Service is? I was also at the Daily Show taping in August when author Ronald Kessler was the guest and spoke about the problems at the Secret Service.

This event last night is just down right scary. All over the country there are nut jobs with a hatred for this man. There is an entire Cable Network and right wing radio that is doing nothing but spreading lies about this President. These whackos are inspiring other whackos. Someone please tell me that it is not this easy to get into the White House. Anyone?

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