Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sportscenter and Eric Mangini

Did you guys catch ESPN anchor Hannah Storm and NFL insider Adam Schefter celebrate on the set of Sportscenter as news of a coach being fired came in?

I have seen a lot of people criticize the two of them in the past 24 hours. Some of it is fair but a lot of people are completely overreacting to this. I know jumping on ESPN is the "cool thing to do" for a lot of people but it is fairly obvious that they were not celebrating the firing of Eric Mangini. It is easy to put up one video out of context and twist it to serve whatever agenda your blog has. Attacking ESPN is a sure fire way to get hits.

Was their act unprofessional? Sure, but lets take things in some context here. It was "Black Monday", I'm sure they had a discussion earlier in the show about news breaking while they were on the air. For those you of who don't follow the NFL closely, "Black Monday" is the first Monday after the end of the regular season when most teams announce their decision to fire their coaches.

I am not going to shed a tear for Mangini. I actually like the guy but he's made over $10 Million as an NFL Head Coach and has a record of 33-47 (.413) to show for it. Yes, I do feel for his assistants who make significantly less but once again, ESPN was not celebrating their dismissal if they too get let go after their meeting with Mike Holmgren next week. There are already reports that Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan will get an interview for a Head Coach position.
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