Saturday, January 01, 2011

Washington's (lack of) Fireworks Display

Washington D.C doesn't do fireworks for New Year?

I've been in the D.C area for a couple of days so last night we drove into Washington expecting a fireworks display, much to our dissapontment there was none. How is that even possible?

We drove in with a group of 13. Our group even included my grandfather who despite spending a lot of time in Northern Virginia hadn't been to D.C in over 20 years. I was opposed to the idea of going because I was
expecting heavy traffic and thought we should have left much earlier if we wanted a good spot to park. I should have suspected something was up when we were able to find parking right away. We got a great parking spot very close to the White House. As midnight approached a group of people around us even counted down from 10 to 1 but that was followed by silence.

I should have consulted my Twitter friends earlier because it turns out they never do fireworks for New Years. Do they figure that they get enough fireworks between Democrats and Republicans fighting through the year that they don't need to do a display aside from the Fourth of July?

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