Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Security" issues land woman in handcuffs and jail

9/11 flight: Housewife handcuffed, strip-searched - US news - Security - msnbc.com

Yet another victim of bigotry and racism. From the looks of it someone on board the plane reported a "security scare" because of the skin color of her and two other passengers. The three passengers had never even met each other. I saw this story earlier today when Mike Madden of the Washington City Paper linked directly to her blog. You can read her full account on her blog. You can follow her on twitter on as well.

I haven't checked to see if the story has received TV coverage as of yet but it is good to see it spreading. Kudos to Shoshana Hebshi for getting her story out. More people need to do the same.

People seriously think she is a bigger security scare then this guy?
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