Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blinds to Go Customer Service Part 2

Read Part 1 of my issues with Blinds to Go here.

Blinds to Go is an absolute joke. You'd think a company of that size would take every step necessary to ensure that a customer who just had a horrible experience because of the incompetence of their employees walks away somewhat satisfied. If anyone else was in their shoes would they not make an effort to try and get the customer their money back so they may consider buying from them again at a future date?

They claim on their website that "Our commitment to personal service is legendary." What a big lie that is.

This is the e-mail I received from them earlier today:

As per our phone conversation yesterday afternoon, I looked into the matter. We do apologize for the inconvenience you had encountered with the backorder due to high demand. Unfortunately there had been a misunderstanding in regards to which of the products (Mini Vintage / Vintage) was on backorder. These products are very similar in name therefore before releasing the order it was made clear which of the two is in backorder. The expected date of receiving materials is not yet known. I did call Aqueilla from our store location in Metuchenand discussed the situation.  
Aqueilla called me back explaining that she will refund you the deposit that you already made. However, in regards of the installer's service, we will not refund the money that you paid for the measurements. We only give reference of professional installers to our customers. The installers are separated contractors and this was explained to you. If you want, we can provide you a copy of the measurements which you can use again in any other company. That is the policy of our company and that is our final decision.
Thank you for your patience.
Have a great day! 
Roberta Trindade
Customer Service
Blinds To Go

I am currently writing up a response to them right now and obviously want my money back for the measurements. What good are the measurements to me without their blinds? Each company measures in their own way depending on the type of product they carry. What an absolute joke that this company wants to distance itself from the installers and measurement company. When  you walk into the store and ask for someone to come out and take measurements they give you the business cards for 2 companies that do the job for them. They staple these business cards onto the Blinds to Go brochures. Can someone tell me where I can find e-mail addresses for their executives? These are there names:
Stephen J. Shiller - President
David Shiller - Founder
Nkere Udofia - Board of Directors

I will be reaching out to New Jersey Consumer Affairs if this does not get resolved today.
Read Part 1 of my issues with Blinds to Go here.
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