Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday

What's on your list of things to buy this year? Are you actually one of those people that gets up early to go shop....or even worse, someone who stands in line the night before (or for that matter 4 nights before)?

I've worked in the retail industry and always loved working Black Friday just because of how busy the work day was and how fast paced it was. Yet, I can never picture myself as someone who would go out to shop that early.

Going out to shop early in the morning is almost become an unnecessary. Stores are opening earlier and earlier each year (just saw a Kohl's commercial advertising that they are opening at 3 AM) to try and create an event. Retailers are putting up deals online earlier and earlier each year. Amazon has some great deals starting today on DVDsGPS, ToysTVs, Video Games and much more.

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