Wednesday, November 10, 2010

George W. Bush Book Tour

You may have heard that Dubya has a book out. He's been all over the place (actually just places where he was likely to receive softball questions) promoting it.

Did anyone else catch George W. Bush's interview with Matt Lauer? He looked really uncomfortable sitting there and sounded just as clueless as ever. Most of his answers showed just how out of touch with reality he actually was and continues to be.

It's a shame he will never answer REAL questions about his "Decision Points". Rachel Maddow summed it up perfectly on her show tonight.

George W. Bush in his own recent history, in just the last few years, has admitted that weapons of mass destruction were not why we went to Iraq. Except in his new book, he regresses -- despite admitting it over and over and over again before, despite changing his rationales for war to account for the fact that he couldn't talk about weapons anymore. Now we're back to weapons again, Now we're back to pre-Iraq war Bush again saying that "removing Saddam from power was the right decision....[F]or all the difficulties that followed, America is safer without a homicidal dictator pursuing WMD."
Saddam wasn't pursuing WMD. We know it. George Bush admitted it before -- but he's back to making that case again, in the book now. That's in the book that came out today. That's why Bush feels good about the invasion despite every thing else that happened.
I know he's the past President. I know this is a book tour. I know that I'm never going to get to ask him this directly. And I know that we're a different country now.
But -- we're a different county now.
Are we supposed to fall for this again?

P.S: I'm fired up for Thursday night when Rachel Maddow interviews Jon Stewart.

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