Thursday, July 21, 2011

NASA lands final Shuttle

Earlier this morning the Space Shuttle Program came to an end.

Atlantis landed around 6 AM Eastern this morning. If you missed the landing here are a couple of videos courtesy of NASA.

A great question was just asked at the NASA press conference. Do you think we will appreciate what the Space Shuttle did or it will go the way of Mercury and Gemini which have been somewhat forgotten as Apollo gets the recognition. Will the Shuttle get overshadowed by whatever comes next? As amazing a vehicle as the Space Shuttle is I have a feeling we will look back and respect it more looking back at it. It certainly was way ahead of its time. I honestly don't believe we will see a spacecraft with its capabilities in my lifetime or that of my kids.

When do you think NASA will send astronauts into space again? Will we ever go back to the moon? When will we get to Mars?

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