Friday, March 21, 2008

NCAA Tournament

Already a much better 2nd day then Day 1. The Duke/Belmont game game was pretty much the only thing that stuck out for me on Day 1. Eventhough it would've hurt my bracket I as always was rooting for the upset. What a game it was though. Definitely an early favorite for the game of the tournament.

UConn game today again falls into the same category. First George Mason and now San Diego? That's a rough 2 game stretch for UConn as far as the NCAA Tournament is concerned. Saw it on a CBS graphic that this is the first time UConn has lost in the first round of the tournament under Calhoun(14-1 now).

What a game for Stephen Curry. Its crazy that he wasn't recruited more heavily. I got a chance to watch his father Dell Curry, day in and day out when he was with the Raptors and he became an instant favorite of mine because of that 3 point shot. The son is pretty much the same.

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