Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shelley Duncan is a moron

This is just getting pathetic now. I should get it out the way first that as much as I hate the Yankees I am a Shelley Duncan fan. His slide today was pathetic. His comments before and after the game were stupid and made no sense.

After the game last week:

"What it does is it opens another chapter of intensity in the spring training ballgames," Duncan said, referring to the home-plate collision. "They showed what is acceptable to them and how they're going to play the game, so we're going to go out there to match their intensity -- or even exceed it."

"There's going to be no malicious evil intent in terms of carryover, but it just adds a different type of fire to your gut when you play that team because you understand how they're playing the game and what their mind-set is," Duncan said Sunday.

After today's game:

"I made a hard slide into [Iwamura's] glove," he said. "When I'm out there playing, I like to play hard. In my head, I wasn't thinking about a message. They see me playing hard every day.

"To me, there's no malicious intent at all. I just felt I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I play the game one way. I'll never stop playing the game that way."

How are you going to complain on one hand that you can't run over a catcher in spring training (not to mention the fact that the catcher was blocking the plate) and then go and say you play one way all the time?

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