Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Super Tuesday II

We had Super Tuesday. We had the Potomac Primaries. Tonight was Super Tuesday II. What a night it has been. The Clinton campaign refuses to go away and again comes out with victories in the big states of Ohio and Texas. This race is far from over. It really is funny that all the states were rushing their primaries to the start of the election cycle when they could've been influential at this time. I mean Puerto Rico and Guam are going to be relevant....need I say more? Didn't like Obama's body language at all tonight.

This race is far from over. It'll get more interesting once Florida and Michigan get rescheduled for June. The irony of it all is obvious. Those two states had their delegates stripped because they went against party wishes in order to be relevant and decided to schedule their primaries early. So the Democrats punished them and thought they made them irrelevant (which was stupid like I've mentioned before)by stripping them of delegates. Now when it is all said and done those states can essentially serve as the tiebreakers. If you love politics there is no way you're not enjoying this.

Hopefully the campaigns can stay somewhat civil over the next 3 months. One of Obama or Hillary still will be the nominee and needs to lead the Democrats not only as the presidential candidate but also help the candidates for congress. John McCain can almost be irrelevant for the next 3 months. I mean who really has paid attention to the Republicans the past month? The same can go on for the next 3 months as you see McCain out there occasionally just to make sure people haven't forgotten him. He'll get his photo op with Dubya out of the way tomorrow with lunch at the White House followed by an endorsement in the Rose Garden. How soon does McCain name a VP? He needs a conservative. He does not need Bush campaigning for him in the fall. Someone earlier today referred to him as John W. McCain. If that sticks....that could be a huge downfall for him.

Up Next is the Democratic Caucus in Wyoming on the 8th.

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