Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I'm not worried about the Raptors

With the recent slide the Raptors have been on I've been asked on more then one occasion whether I'd like to retract my pre-season prediction about the Raptors. My response?No. The Bosh injury was obviously a big factor in the the slump. This group plays like a team more then any group in the history of the franchise. In the short history of the Raptors the team has had a lot of "me" can not say that about this team. When Calderon replaced T.J Ford in the starting lineup the team didn't miss a beat. Both of these guys have played their position well over the past year and a half. You want your Point Guard to be a leader....a general on the floor if you will The Raptors have two guys who do that. To prove my point more.....Calderon volunteered to give up his starting spot today to Ford. The result? A 89-82 win over the Pistons.

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