Saturday, August 02, 2008

The next political scandal?

Originally I had planned on putting up a post on the MLB Trade deadline but something else caught my eye earlier today.

As most of you know I was a big John Edwards guy in '04 (once Dean dropped out) and again this year. I thought he dropped out of the race way too early this year.....and the way he was turning down a potential VP slot was odd too. Then today I read this. Granted that the story was reported first by the Enquirer....and then Fox News, hardly the 2 most credible places in the world but then I saw it on UPI as well. I wonder why the mainstream media hasn't jumped on this story yet as this would be right up their ally. Although nothing shocks me with politicians anymore but hopefully there is an explanation for this and the truth will come out. Deadspin said it best:
"So if you put money down on Edwards as Obama's running mate, yeah, you might want to consider that money lost. After all, there are two Americas—one where you can have an illegitimate child and afford to pay someone else to take the blame, and the other where you have to go on Maury and own up to your transgressions."

I know people can put a front really easily but this is one man who really did come across as a family man but if this story turns out then it would mean that the stories would be from right around when his wife was battling cancer. Like I said before....hopefully the truth comes out.

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