Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Republican nominee for VP is......who?

Is this a desperation attempt to try and gain some media coverage after the huge week Obama had? After all his speech from Thursday was the most watched convention speech....ever.

The one argument McCain has been campaigning on is exactly can he continue to do that when he just chose an unknown woman who has less then 2 years experience being Governor of Alaska of all places. Does being runner up for Miss Alaska qualify? James Carville on Larry King Live tonight said that the only foreign policy experience she has is that Alaska is close to Russia. This just takes the whole concept of an "outsider" to a whole new extreme doesn't it? After all Alaska is about as far away from Washington as you can get. Just think about this....2 years ago this woman was the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. The population of that town is roughly 9,000. Just sit back and think that through for a moment. Barack Obama just drew 80,000 people to his acceptance speech....and an estimated 40 million others on TV.

Once again the Republicans are banking on the stupidity of the average American voter (hey it worked in '04). So how many pissed off Hillary women go and vote for the McCain ticket? Can people really be that dumb?

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