Monday, July 20, 2009

The 140 Character Project

Inspired by Twitter I am undertaking a little assignment which I am calling the "140 character project" for now. Over time I am going to go back through the major events in history and essentially put together Tweets for those events using obviously using a maximum of 140 characters. I am going to start on the day Twitter was launched and then go back from there.

If you had Twitter when JFK was shot...what would you have Tweeted? How about on 9/11? When Challenger exploded? How about Pearl Harbor? How about the Revolutionary War? This is not just an American or North American thing either. Do create Tweets for events that happened around the globe.

You get the concept. Simple enough. 140 characters limit. You can send these to me via e-mail to Just put "140 Character Project" in the subject line so the e-mail doesn't get lost in the shuffle. I am compiling a list of my own too. Your submissions may be used elsewhere by me. If you don't want me using your suggestions elsewhere please just don't make them. You can also post these on Twitter by sending an @reply to @sahyder1. I will also monitor the hashtag #140characters. Lets have some fun with these.

As always you can leave a comment here, reach me by e-mail or contact me via Twitter.

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