Monday, July 27, 2009

The New York Mets continue to be a joke

Oh man. I just watched one crazy press conference. In all my years of watching sports and even political press conferences I have never seen anything like it.

The New York Mets just fired Tony Bernazard today. It was a firing that was well overdue. He was the Vice President of player personnel. Not only did he suck at that he just kept getting involved in one instance after another. He reportedly was jumping around in the hallways of the team hotel last year when the team fired their manager Willy Randolph. He's undermined the manager of the team on multiple occasions. Credit to Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News who first broke the news of his most recent incidents. The Mets have handled this situation really bad from the start.

Right in the middle of the press conference Omar Minaya accused NY Daily News Mets beat writer Adam Rubin of pretty much trying to take down Bernazard because he wanted his job. Really Omar? What on earth was that? That was cheap. If Minaya doesn't lose his job over this he will NEVER hear the end of it. He just cost a man his job. There is no way Rubin can continue covering the team now. Minaya was horrible throughout the press conference. His answers weren't convincing at all...and pretty seemed like he rehearsed them ahead of time. He was a friend of Bernazard's but this was just insane. Just don't go out and do this if you can't handle the pressure. Minaya's answers today weren't convincing at all. I just heard Rubin on SNY and I have to say I lean towards believing him. It looks like ownership can be in on this too. Rubin in speaking to the media afterward said he had conversations Jeff Wilpon a while back but never Omar directly. Did the Mets really just try to kill a reporter's career in order to save their own butts?

Only the Mets can botch one PR move after another. When the latest Bernazard reports surfaced he should have been fired immediately. Instead they drag it on until it becomes a public relations nightmare. They finally fire the man but instead creating a bigger story in the process? Go figure. I was on the Omar bandwagon before today....but now have to say that this man has to be fired.

I'll try to find the clips and post them as I find them.

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