Friday, July 03, 2009

The Sarah Palin/Mark Sanford Saga

What a day! Went into today thinking we'd see a Republican Governor who once was mentioned as a 2012 Presidential candidate. About an hour ago word comes out that Sarah Palin is stepping down. Man I'm good! Wait....Sarah Palin? What happened to Mark Sanford?

With the 4th of July weekend here I figured we would get Sanford's resignation on this "take out the trash day." If you are not familiar with the term in politics you generally release bad news/scandal/failures on a Friday or long weekend as the understanding is that people are less likely to follow the news over the weekend.

I was pretty much disconnected from the rest of the world for 5 hours as a result of NBC's major fail and came back to this. These potential 2012 GOPers are dropping flies....speaking of which, has anyone heard from Bobby Jindal lately?

Mark Sanford better capitalize on this and step down this week. As Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show last night "God killed Michael Jackson for you" and now Palin steps down? How lucky can this man get? Step down now. I have a feeling this Palin story has more information coming very soon.

Back to "take out the trash" day. Why did Sarah Palin pick today of all days to make her announcement? When I first found out I thought immediately that this was her crazy way of jumping into the 2012 race. I mean, just look at all the other GOP front runners for 2012 and how they are dropping. But now Andrea Mitchell is reporting that she is out of politics all together? What is really going on here? You immediately have to think of a scandal that is about to be revealed and this was just the preemptive move. Why wasn't Palin more clear in her speech today? Actually at this point I'm not even sure you can call that a speech. It was just words....put together....sometimes in random order. It didn't make much sense though. What is the over/under on the weeks(days? hours? minutes?)until a scandal does break out here? When the Sanford story first broke most of us thought something was up. I am getting the same feeling here.

Have you watched the announcement yet?

I really am intrigued now as to what really is behind this announcement. As skeptical as people like me want to be regarding the reports of her quitting politics...I do trust Andrea Mitchell enough to believe that she wouldn't report that if there wasn't really something to it. The question now is did she make that decision on her own or was made for her?

Does Palin seriously want to complain about politics being a blood sport? This is the same woman that tried to paint Barack Obama as a terrorist right?

She was in way over her head from the get go. Being a mayor 8000 people had in no way prepared her for the real world. Who can forget the infamous Katie Couric interview?

Or her fumbling with the Bush Doctrine?

She tried anything and everything. Her handling of the Letterman situation was a joke. Trying to exploit her kids yet again for political gain. Anyone with half a brain knew Letterman wasn't talking about the 14 year old kid.

If there really isn't anything to this story and she's just stepping down to focus on 2012....the GOP needs to get all their strategist in one room and light the room on fire. Who honestly believes quitting your current job is showing the public that you're ready for prime time? What would she do as the President?

Some great stuff on this story courtesy of Twitter:

Would Palin be resigning now if she were veep? Once again, the solid judgment of John McCain is confirmed

When we yelled, "Governor, it's time to resign," we meant SANFORD.

Palin resigning -- is that like McCain suspending campaign?

Interesting that GOP governors celebrate Father's Day with adultery, and July 4th by resigning from office.

Is she being heckled by ducks? Priceless. Even nature wants her

If Palin does return to run for higher office, might I suggest "When the going gets tough, Sarah gets going" as a slogan?

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Let's just sit back and watch this story unfold.

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