Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not running for President.

I have been telling people that ever since he started making noise about Barack Obama. He had no shot at winning a general election and I have thought all along that this was a ploy to try and increase ratings for The Apprentice. This was only about Donald Trump, this was about what Donald Trump does best....make noise about Donald Trump.

What has this man ever accomplished in life that would merit a huge following? No, being born into a rich family does not count. How many businesses has he run into the ground? We're supposed to give him control over the economy? Please, don't make me laugh. That's like saying I'm a great architect because I play The Sims.

Did you guys catch Lawrence O'Donnell's segment on Trump a few weeks back?

Someone as thin-skinned as him has no shot at survival in a business like politics. He couldn't even a few jokes lobbed his way.
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