Thursday, May 26, 2011

Self checkouts at Fast Food Restaurants

Self checkout lanes are popping up everywhere these days. Here in Central NJ I see them quiet frequently at Patkmark, BJs and Stop and Shop. I was a little surprised to see them at a Burger King recently though. I was driving to Virginia and took a stop in the "Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza" which was constructed not too long ago. They have built this place as a 21st century rest stop. They use solar power for energy as well.

The Burger King there had traditional lines where you could order your food as well as two "self checkout" machines. The machines accepted credit cards as well as cash.

Yes, I know that is one more person without a job but as a consumer I loved the machine. The order didn't take long at all to place and they even give you the option of saving your order through you cell phone number just in case you think you will be making the exact same order in the future. I liked the idea of ordering my food without being stuck in line behind the person who takes forever to place their order although sooner or later those people will find their way over to these machines. I always seem to get stuck behind the person who has no idea how to use the self checkouts at grocery stores but do so anyways and hold up the line.

McDonald's recently announced that they would be placing 7,000 similar machines in their stores in France.

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