Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Smartphone makes NJ woman overnight media star

startHave you been following the story of Stefanie Gordon (a.k.a @stefmara on twitter) this week?

She became an overnight media sensation thanks to a series of photos and one 13 second video she took of Space Shuttle Endeavor from her seat inside a Delta Airlines flight.

Photo from Stefanie Gordon

Now how cool is that? She has been everywhere the past week. The Associated Press did a story on her and according to this article are paying her royalties for the photos. I had seen the photos being posted on my twitter stream by a bunch of people. There have been some who are using her photos without giving her credit. Now that is just a shame. How do we avoid in this age of social media? I've been reading that Twitpic's rules are that media outlets have to ask only Twitpic permission to publish a photo and not the user. Now there is something we all need to be aware. If you get a photo or video like this make sure you don't just post it in a venue where everyone but you profits from it. Hats off to those media outlets that have paid Stefanie. Why shouldn't she be treated like any journalist who might have produced a photo like that in the past?

You can find her blog here.

Twitter has been pretty good to me. I've won several gift certificates. I've been quoted for stories by the Washington Times, CNN and I like to think that I was the inspiration behind the "Tweet of the Week" section of Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" as I was the first person ever quoted there. I've been lucky with this kind of stuff but obviously not to this degree. Once again, hats off to Stefanie.

If you're interested there is another YouTube video uploaded as well.

As I have also mentioned in the past, I almost got to see a shuttle launch (just so happens that was an Endeavour launch as well) from very close to Cape Canveral. I was in Florida (in Orlando to be exact) in the week leading up to the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing but was not able to attend any of the festivities at Cape Canaveral. The launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-127) that I went to see ended up being called off 5 minutes before launch time. That wasn't even the worst of it, the 40 minute drive back to Orlando took us 4 hours because of the traffic backup exiting from the vicinity of Cape Canaveral. I did mange to catch the launch of the Shuttle from the airport. A huge crowd gathered at the airport gate as we all looked out the window and saw the orange glow shooting towards the sky. It was an amazing site watching all the planes grounded on the runway as they waited for the shuttle to clear their airspace. I seem to mention this story every time I mention a Space Shuttle mission but being so close to the launch site and missing out still annoys me!

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