Friday, June 03, 2011

WSJ: How to Visit 30 Ballparks in 35 Days This Summer

Starting on June 6th are you up for a 18,000 mile road trip over the next 35 days?

Today's Wall Street Journal has a story about a man who built a program to map out the ideal way to watch baseball games in all 30 MLB stadiums this year. The program built by Ben Blatt of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective takes into account an eight hour rest period after roughly twelve hours of driving.

What is the ideal road trip schedule this year?

TOR@KC, 6/6, 7pm (0)DET@COL, 6/19, 1pm (6,620)NYM@DET, 6/30, 1pm (12,248)
DET@TEX, 6/7, 7pm (563)TB@MIL, 6/20, 7pm (7,667)NYY@NYM, 7/1, 7pm (12,863)
S TL@ HOU, 6/8, 7pm (821)BAL@PIT, 6/21, 7pm (8,219)CLE@CIN, 7/2, 7pm (13,502)
KC@LAA, 6/10, 7pm (2,351)SD@BOS, 6/22, 1:30pm (8,808)CWS@CHC, 7/3, 1:20pm (13,798)
WSH@SD, 6/11, 5:30pm (2,448)SEA@WSH, 6/23, 1pm (9,257)TB@MIN, 7/4, 1pm (14,206)
CIN@SF, 6/12, 5pm (2,950)COL@NYY, 6/24, 7pm (9,483)PHI@FLA, 7/6, 7pm (15,981)
SF@ARI, 6/14, 6:40pm (3,705)OAK@PHI, 6/25, 7pm (9,580)COL@ATL, 7/7, 1pm (16,642)
CIN@LAD, 6/15, Noon (4,078)CIN@BAL, 6/26, 1:30pm (9,678)MIN@CWS, 7/8, 7pm (17,360)
KC@OAK, 6/16, 12:35pm (4,448)CIN@TB, 6/27, 7pm (10,647)TOR@CLE, 7/9, 7pm (17,705)
PHI@SEA, 6/17, 7pm (5,250)PIT@TOR, 6/29, 7pm (12,004)ARI@STL, 7/10, 1pm (18,267)

I would love to have the opportunity to do this one of these years as it is definitely one of the major items on my bucket list. As it stands right now I have watched baseball in at the Skydome in Toronto (now known as Rogers Center), Citi Field (home of the Mets in Queens), Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia as well as both old and new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I also visited Wrigley Field in Chicago once but the Cubs were off that day but I still have a Mark Prior t-shirt from that trip.

How many stadiums have you been to? Would you ever want to take a road trip like this?

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