Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another disgrace for Pakistani Cricket

What a difference a day makes. This time last night me and Tens of millions of Pakistani Cricket fans were feeling great. We were finally on the verge of a long awaited win versus Australia. That all changed with the first hour of play today. Absolute disaster.

There is plenty of blame to go around but two people deserve the most of it.

The Captain Mohammad Yousuf needs to be held accountable for this disgrace. His disastrous decisions in the first hour of today brought Australia back into the game. Pakistan could not have entered the days play in a stronger position if they had written the script themselves but for some reason he comes out and plays as defensively as you possibly can. Just what was going through his mind at that time? What is he doing telling Umar Akmalto play defensively? Umar has been our most reliable and consistent player since he came into the team. Why would you make him change his style of play when he's had success playing the way he plays? Furthermore how can you justify that decision when your own shot selection is pathetic? I really want to root for him because he comes across as a nice guy in interviews (there are reports of him helping create a faction on the team that ousted previous captain) for the most part but he is absolutely clueless on the playing field. He's compiled a ton of runs over the years but never delivers when the team truly needs him. It just never happens. When was the last time he put his foot down and carried us to a win? What is his signature moment?

The Vice Captain Kamran Akmal is equally responsible. How many catches does he have to drop for him to be dropped from the team? How many missed stumpings? Run Outs? His bat is not a viable excuse. He simply does not score enough runs to justify a spot in the lineup because he gives up just as many runs because of all his dropped catches. The Pakistani Bowlers repeatedly have to get 4 or 5 extra outs and Kamran Akmal is a big reason why. How can anyone in charge justify the decision to keep him in the team let alone to make him Vice Captain? Give Sarfraz Ahmed a shot now!

If we never see Mohammad Yousuf or Kamran Akmal in the Pakistani team ever would still be too soon.

Do we really need Inzi 2.0 as Captain? Can we please change captains now? Bring back Younis Khan. Bring in Shahid Afridi. Anyone who doesn't want to play for Younis Khan can go home. Good riddance. I've stayed up until 2 AM every night watching this team play and this was just a disgrace

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