Thursday, July 01, 2010

NBA Free Agency

July 1st 2010 is finally here. 

This date has been talked about in the NBA circles for years. The biggest free agent class in NBA history is free to negotiate contracts at the stroke of midnight eastern time. Where will LeBron land? What about Chris Bosh? Will Dwayne Wade really leave Miami? Will Dirk really leave Dallas? 

So many questions to answer and so many teams with room to sign free agents. Bulls are obviously an attractive landing spot. They can afford to sign two players at maximum contracts and bring them in to play in with Derrick Rose. Wouldn't they be instant contenders if they landed LeBron and Bosh? Their fans are on board and have been clamoring for season tickets. One thing is for sure, this will bring back all the bandwagon Bulls fans from the 90s. Can Miami really pull off a major coup and get LeBron and CB4 to come to Miami and play with Wade? It is a scenario that would get me paying attention to the NBA regular season a lot more next season but I highly doubt LeBron's ego will allow him to share the spotlight with Wade. 

How far have the Knicks really fallen?  For years their fans have been looking forward to this date. They have endured years of losing, expiring contracts and more losing in the hopes of landing big free agents on this date yet according to all the reports they will fail to land any of the "big 3". Their first planned meeting for tonight is with Mike Miller? Ouch! As someone who lives in NJ and loves to laugh at Knicks fans, I'm loving this! 

Will the Nuggets seriously trade Carmelo Anthony? Just a note, if the Knicks can get them to take Curry's expiring contract in a trade they would still have room to sign two max guys on top of getting Carmelo. 

What was Richard Jefferson thinking opting out of his deal? Is someone seriously going to pay him big money? 

Real quick, this how I think everything plays out when all is said and done. 

10. Rudy Gay: Los Angeles Clippers9. David Lee: New York Knicks8. Carlos Boozer: Chicago Bulls7. Amare Stoudemire: Los Angeles Clippers6. Paul Pierce: Boston Celtics5. Dirk Nowitzki: Dallas Mavericks4. Joe Johnson: Atlanta Hawks3. Chris Bosh: Miami Heat (as much as it pains me as a Raptors fan)2. Dwayne Wade: Miami Heat1. LeBron James: Chicago Bulls
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