Monday, July 26, 2010

President Obama expected for lunch at Tastee Sub in Edison

Just came across the following article in reference to Obama's trip to Edison this Wednesday.

UPDATE: President Obama expected for lunch at Tastee Sub in Edison

I sent a tweet about this earlier today. Tastee Subs is a popular dining spot here in Edison. It is however located on arguably the worst intersection in town. The parking lot is really small. On an average day the waiting period at the traffic light is well over 5 minutes so I'm going to assume that the intersection will be closed all day on Wednesday. You can find their menu here.

Anyone care to guess what he'll order?

This place is 1.5 miles from where I live (Edit: I just Google the place and it is actually 1.3 miles). I have never  been to this place but a good friend of mine just told me that the place is as small form inside as it looks from outside.

Here is the place on Google Street View. The building is the first one on the right.

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From the Star Ledger:

Obama will head to Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Avenue in Edison once he arrives in the Garden State in the afternoon, according to a White House official and a congressional source. Once there, he’ll host a roundtable discussion about the economy with local small business owners.
Obama is expected to promote a bill expanding loan programs and tax breaks for small businesses that Democrats hope will pass the Senate this week.
So no public events this time around.  Maybe next time around? I want to add another event to my list.

Governor Christie has not yet received an invitation but according to that same Star Ledger article he would attend if invited. I wouldn't mind if he shut out the Mayor though.

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