Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kabab Paradise

This blog has primarily been sports and politics related since it started, over time though I have been sprinkling in posts dealing with Customer Service experiences. I will try to make it a habit to review more restaurants and other places of business for my New Jersey readers.
Kabab Paradise
60 Main Street 
South Bound Brook, NJ 08880
(732) 667-3674

I can't say enough good things about this place. It is a great addition to the Halal restaurants that have popped up on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick. A few people recommended this place to play when it first opened up a few months ago. This is really close to where I live so we gave it a shot. I've been here a number of times over the past couple of months and have not been disappointed yet with the food. 

So far I've tried the Philly Cheesesteak, Lamb Gyro, Wings, Tikka and various Kababs and everything has been good. The portions are really good even when you don't order rice. 

I will recommend calling in your order ahead of time. This place is always really busy so a wait time of half hour or so is not uncommon. The sitting area is not that big so I usually just go wait in the car after placing the order. Do not get discouraged by the long lines if you go here. It just tells you how good the food is. Wait it out and you won't be disappointed. There is a Subway and a Domino's in the same strip mall that just sit empty because of how good the food is here. 

I am all for supporting small businesses, especially when those businesses are run by honest people. The first time we went here we thought we were overcharged. I posted this information on Foursquare and Zabihah as a heads up for anyone else who was planning on eating there. Much to my surprise the next time we went in the person behind the counter immediately recognized my sister and remembered that he had overcharged us. He told us that he had credited the money back on to the credit card the same night. When we went home to double check, that was indeed true. We hadn't approached him about a refund yet the refund was already made. There are a lot of big businesses that need to learn a lesson from them. 

This is their second location. Their original spot is still open at 76 N Beverwyck Rd # 2, Lake Hiawatha, NJ - (973) 334-7900

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