Thursday, December 16, 2010

Larry King

Today marks the end of an era for Cable News.

"Larry King Live" goes off the air after over 25 years on CNN. If you count his radio career he's been in the business for 50 years. Yes, he stopped being relevant years ago and people have always complained about him not being tough enough on his guests but that is not what this show was about for the second half of its run. Ever since he moved the show to Los Angeles the show did go more to the entertainment site rather then political news. Despite being in 3rd place he still got all the big guests. I didn't look at it as a show where I went for the "breaking news" interviews. I stopped watching the show regularly once Rachel Maddow got her show on MSNBC but depending on the guest I still checked in from time to time.

MSNBC took out a full page ad today congratulating him on his career.

What does his retirement do to the suspenders industry? He's the last man on the planet who still wears them.

Here is a list of those who appeared on the finale tonight:
Bill Maher
Ryan Seacrest
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Today is "Larry King Day" in California)
Donald Trump
Regis Philbin
Suze Orman
Fred Armisen (as Larry King)
Barack Obama (via taped message)
Brian Williams
Katie Couric
Diane Sawyer
Barbara Walters
Bill Clinton
Dr. Phil
Anderson Cooper
Tony Bennett
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