Sunday, December 12, 2010

VIDEO: Metrodome roof collapses under weight of snow - ESPN

UPDATE: The game will now be played on Monday night in Detroit.

Metrodome roof collapses under weight of snow - ESPN

The NFL is scrambling to find a stadium for Giants/Vikings. Game was already moved from 1 PM today to 8 PM tomorrow because of snow. Now they have to move to a different stadium because doom in Minny deflated because of snow. There is an open air college stadium nearby but the speculation is that they probably can't play there because the Giants most likely wouldn't have their cold gear packed for a dome game. Do they go to Detroit or Indy to play? Does the weather clear up enough so someone can fly out their gear?

I wouldn't be shocked to see the game played in New York either since there is precedent for it and obviously the best bet for the NFL to make money.

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