Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogs with Stones

Admit it, you're getting sucked in by Curling at the Olympics.

Sure you started off mocking the sport. I've heard it all. "Bowling for Janitors" was one remark I saw on twitter but face it, the sport is sucking you in. There are of course those people who say it isn't a "real sport." Do you want to try throwing that stone weighing 42 pounds? Can you run on ice like that? I didn't think so.

I grew up watching the sport in Canada. Unfortunately I now live in New Jersey and as you are aware Curling has no presence on TV here aside from the Olympics. As you may have realized from watching the crowds during the Olympics, Curling is a pretty big deal north of the border. It has a huge following around the country and it gets good coverage on sports networks in Canada. Curling has been on TV during the Olympics in the past but I just can't remember whether the networks of NBC carried all US matches live like they did this time around.

Social media tools like Twitter are definitely helping the popularity of the sport. People like me have been able to explain the rules of the game to curious Olympics fans. Some sports bloggers though took the internet connection to a whole different level. That is where "Blogs with Stones" comes in. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw me use the hashtag #blogswithstones today. It is an online curling tournament with all the games being played at "Play Curling" The tournament is the brainchild of Dan Levy of "On the DL Podcast." You can follow the progress of the tournament courtesy of Google Documents. It started off tonight with 48 bloggers like me separated in 12 groups.

The top 32 teams have advanced to a knockout tournament to be held Thursday night.

If you join "Play Curling" get in touch with me if you want to play. If you're already playing in the tournament...best of luck the rest of the way.

There are more curling games out for the Wii/PC/DS than I thought. Click on the pictures for more info.

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