Thursday, February 18, 2010

Suicide Bomber strikes Federal Building....Media makes excuses

Did guys see this attack in Austin, Texas? So why is no one in the media labeling this as a terrorist act? Why isn't this a suicide bombing? Once again, a major disgrace from the media. Just because this was named "Joe Stack" and not "Muhammad Hasan"....he gets a total pass?

This was a guy who left an anti government rant as a suicide note. This guys rants against taxes and health care and follows it up with an attack on a building housing Federal agencies, yet media actually makes excuses? I've heard pundits say things like this not being terrorism because it was because it was one angry guy acting against the government. Someone please explain to me why those very same people labeled Nader Hassan a terrorist at Fort Hood? How is this any different?

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  1. If Muhammad Hassan did anything like this, you know as well as I do that the blame would go to Vince McMahon.

  2. lol, yeah I thought about the name after I posted it.....was just hoping no one would catch the name because I wasn't near a computer at the time to change it.


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