Saturday, February 06, 2010

Watching people get Brainwashed on Live TV

If you like to mock ignorant people, tonight was perfect. Not only was there a "Tea Party" convention on TV, Sarah "I Quit" Palin was the keynote speaker.

Mocking Sarah Palin is so easy....even a Caveman can do it! She really is the gift that keeps on giving. It is great news for the Democrats if she runs in 2012 because if you thought OFA people were energized last time, they'll be out with even more force to defeat this ignorant quitter. Her "speech" was just like any other Palin speech. Half the time it made no sense. It really tells you all that you need to about these tea party folks that the words "Obama" and "teleprompter" bring them to their feet. Yes, these folks proclaim this clueless woman as their leader but want to mock the intelligence of Barack Obama? Memo to all the conservative idiots that keep trying to bring up the teleprompter "issue"....MEMORIZE YOUR SPEECH! You like a complete idiot on National TV when a)reading off a teleprompter yourself or b)literally reading off of a piece of paper.

Back to Palin's remarks for a second. You can tell she is working for Faux News now. She's picked up on the lingo like "Homicide Bombers." She criticized media pundit but unfortunately her mind can't comprehend that she gets paid to be one on Faux News! She said the best governments govern the least. That of course makes Sarah Palin the greatest Governor of all time! It is closing in on two years since was brought into the spotlight but she is still as clueless as ever. This was a friendly audience she was in front of and yes, the questions were still pre-screened. To top it off, she had notes on her hand to help her answer said pre-screened questions from this friendly audience. Kudos to @jryanlaw on twitter for getting that screenshot.

Scroll to the 0:45 mark of this video to see her peeking at notes. There's nothing wrong with people getting facts right by having notes with them but don't be a hypocrite about it.

I can understand Faux News airing this. I can understand C-SPAN airing this. I'll even give CNN somewhat of a pass on this. What on earth were the folks at MSNBC doing airing this live? This is the same network that ignores real news every weekend to air repeats of  "Lockdown" right? Just checking. This was absolutely pathetic.

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