Friday, February 19, 2010

If you hit a parked car...would you stop to check damage?

Simple question. If you hit a parked car that didn't have anyone in it, would you stop to see if you caused any damage?

Earlier today I was returning home and about to park my car when I noticed that someone backing out hit my other car right there in front of me. Obviously that person had no idea that the car he hit was mine. I honked him to no avail and he took off. Luckily I hadn't shut off my car yet so I took a quick U-Turn without checking to see if he actually caused damage to my other car I took off after this guy because I wanted to catch a license plate just in case there was actual damage to my car. I mean what were the odds that I would be there parking my other car when this happened?

Luckily, he hadn't gotten too far yet and I was able to get the license plate. I tried my luck and flashed my lights from behind to see if the guy would pull over. After about half a mile I pulled up next to him and got his attention and got him to pull over. . Claimed he was in a hurry and didn't think he actually caused damage. He agreed to drive back to see if he caused any damage. We drove back to my apartment complex and turns out this guy does actually live in the building across from mine. There wasn't any damage to the car other than a small scratch.

Did you guys see what a snow plow do to nearly a dozen cars in the middle of the night last week in New York?

So this brings me back to my original question. If you hit a parked car, would you stop to see if you had caused damage? Two years ago I did back into a car. Got out to check if I had caused damage and realized that the other car was fine but my back bumper got messed up. I definitely wouldn't have stopped if a random guy on the roads asked me to pull over.

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