Saturday, February 13, 2010

Robert Gibbs is on Twitter

Everyone knows I am a big Twitter guy. I first wrote about it last year. Today White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joined twitter too. I'm really hoping that Gibbs does use it. He told Politico he joined because he was fascinated by what people were saying when Obama visited the Briefing Room recently. His Deputy Bill Burton has been on Twitter for a while.

Hopefully Mr. Gibbs uses Twitter well and not just to announce TV appearances or Barack Obama's schedule. Would love to see him actually "follow" not just White House Correspondents but also "regular" people like me. Would love for him to actually interact with people on Twitter as hard as it may be at times. Welcome him to twitter whether you support the administration or not, we need more public officials to become part of the discussion on twitter and not less. Lets not scare anyone away. Gibbs is a funny man and hopefully it translates well to twitter.

People have been welcoming him/harassing him all day. Check it out.

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