Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ann Coulter is a moron....not that you didn't know.

Great catch from the good folks over at Think Progress.

As an April Fool’s joke, Car and Driver magazine posted a made-up story on its website claiming that “President Obama had ordered Chevrolet and Dodge out of NASCAR after the 2009 season.” The magazine “pulled the fake story” after it “turned into a sizzling Internet topic,” especially on anti-Obama right-wing websites.

As Media Matters notes, one person who took the joking claim seriously was Ann Coulter. In her Human Events column yesterday, Coulter wrote:

If Obama can tell GM and Chrysler that their participation in NASCAR is an “unnecessary expenditure,” isn’t having public schools force students to follow Muslim rituals, recite Islamic prayers and plan “jihads” also an “unnecessary expenditure”? Are all those school condom purchases considered “necessary expenditures”?

Coulter’s gullibility is especially funny considering that on his radio show yesterday, right-wing icon Rush Limbaugh mocked those who would fall for Car and Driver’s April Fool’s Day joke:

Every professional practical joker such as myself knows: If you really want to pull something off, don’t do it on a day where people are going to immediately doubt it. It’s absolutely silly. Car and Driver has a phony page on the website saying Obama has banned Ford, Chevy, and a bunch of others from NASCAR.

Well, now, who’s going to believe this? Well, that’s not the quite proper way to ask it. All good comedy requires an element of truth in it, and obviously there are people that believe this could come down the pike. But it hasn’t yet. Run this story tomorrow, if you want to play a practical joke on people.

As of this posting, Human Events has not corrected Coulter’s column.

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