Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nick Adenhart (1986-2009)

I just can't believe it. I watched his start last night....went to bed and then woke up to the unfortunate news that he was killed by a guy who ran a red light. As I would find out later in that day not only did the driver who hit him run a red light.....but was also drunk......and also driving the car with a suspended drivers license guessed it a prior DUI. He fled the scene but was arrested a little while later.

Still catching up to all the news reports of this. As you all know I'm a big Angels fan and have been hearing the Angels raving about him for the past 4 years. I had forgotten that he went through "Tommy John" surgery at the end of the 17. The Angels took him in the 14th round but still gave him first round money because they knew the talent that was there. It really does suck that through all that he finally makes it to the majors and gets killed on the night of his 4th start. He had actually flown his dad in for the game last night from Baltimore telling him "something special is going to happen."

He had really great potential. One of the top prospects in the league and the top prospect in the Angels organization. Have been looking forward to his rise to the majors for the last 2 years. 22 years's a shame. How the hell can you live with yourself knowing you killed someone and tried to run away? Hopefully this guy gets a long term jail sentence.

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