Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can Rush make up his mind already?

So which one is it Rush? For a long time all we've been hearing from your mouth is that President Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other Democrats were communists, socialists, or whatever else word you looked up in the thesaurus that morning. Apparently this comedian has changed his mind again.
"We've got -- we've got -- call them what they want to call themselves -- we've got the Somali pirates and the Beltway pirates," Limbaugh continued. "The Beltway pirates are led by Pelosi and Reid. The Beltway pirates, I tell you -- you think $2 million? That's chump change. The Beltway pirates are demanding a $10 trillion ransom not just from us, but from our kids and our grandkids and their grandkids."
Credit to Huffington Post on that one. Also in that same piece they quote Limbaugh with audio talking about the attack on a plane carrying Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ) :
"I don't know why community organizers in Somalia would fire on a fellow community organizer ... they could like the guy if they just had a sit-down with him."
Stay classy Rush...stay classy. What a joke.

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